5 Reasons Why Dedicated Servers Are Better Than VPS


It is always very essential for anyone who intends to have a presence online to establish which kind of hosting is appropriate for the business enterprise. The most common options available are dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting; making a choice is usually a daunting task for many. Over the years though, dedicated server hosting has gained an upper edge over VPS hosting, though this is also dependent on which side of the divide the analysis is based upon; this has been due to a few factors, they include but not limited to;

Reliability and Security

Dedicated server hosting offers many benefits; they are generally more reliable and secure than VPS for the very simple reason that you don’t have to share your CPU with other virtual machines. The risk factor of sharing a server with unknown websites is greatly reduced; even though major technological advancements have been made to ensure VPS hosting is as reliable and secure.


Using dedicated servers ensures that one needs not worry about uptime and downtime periods as they have direct control over these variables. Using a VPS on the other hand may subject a client to the uptimes and downtimes that are experienced by the hosting company; some of these times may be untenable for your business. It is also a known fact that websites that are hosted by a dedicated server are usually faster to load; due to the low traffic tax and applications present. In the IT and business arena those millisecond differences in uploads and downloads can translate into profits and losses for business entities.

Offers Customized Experience

Using dedicated servers enables the business enterprise to work on the exact needs and requirements of their individual clientele. With a dedicated server the business can decide on the kind of features and applications that they want the website to have and their clients to experience or use. The alternative; a VPS sometimes comes with features and applications as a package. The package may be lacking in some essential and specific features that a business may require or excessive in applications that are not required.

Supported Features and controls

Dedicated servers will offer full control on the server environment; this enhances accessibility. Most do come with complete ecommerce packages, content management systems, control panel based administration, automated backup facilities, one click installers and advanced development frameworks. Most dedicated servers also came with SSL certificates to ensure transaction security. All the above features and controls are also readily available with VPS packages; but using a dedicated server will not you deny any of the features either.


Most professionals accept that fact that a dedicated server is slightly more expensive to initiate than VPS hosting; but the truth is that the advantage accruing from having a dedicated server does outweigh the high initial cost. The boost in website performance and the repeat business that will come from satisfied and happy clients will ensure you are in business for a much longer time. A dedicated server is a direct investment to your client’s wellbeing and provides some peace of mind for both clients and business owners.

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