Do you know about this wonderful app -Vidmate?


Use of technology has changed human life to a great extent. There was a time when to complete one task; one had to work too hard and dedicate good time. There were also skilled people to be hired, but now the situation has changed. Computer and smartphone have brought this change. Other than the phone calls, the smartphones are used for a number of tasks. The notable part here is one can also get to watch some videos on different platforms with the help of the smartphone.

However, getting these videos is not possible on the device as the platforms with the videos have certain restrictions set. Hence if one wants to share the same video to others, he cannot do so. One can also not view the video if he is offline as the platforms work online only.

How to get the videos?

If one likes a video on any platform, he may want to get it on his device. The video may be about the recipe, sports, medical, games, art or craft. The platforms do not allow them to be on the device of the users, and at such stage, one can go for an app that can pull the video from any platform. Vidmate is one such famous app that can easily carry out this task.

It is an app that one cannot find on play store as it is not there and hence one needs to check the official site of the same which is 9apps. The app is simple to use and yet much effective when it comes to performing the task of pulling a video from any platform. The user who wants this app needs first to download the same on his device and later can use it for fetching videos.

How to download it?

Downloading this app is easy. The site 9apps has a link on it which one needs to click on. Once the link is hit, the download begins itself. In a few seconds, the app will be there on the device. Here one must remember that there must be enough space on the device to have the app. The app is small and hence, does not occupy much space on it. The app starts installing on its own. However, while being the app installed, one can notice the flash on the screen that shows it’s not safe for the device, but there is no harm to the device with this app. The notice shows as it is not authenticated by Android.

The app after installation can be easily used. There is space for the link provided on the app where one needs to paste the link of the concerned video and click on the button of download. The app starts getting the video downloaded and saves it in a specific folder created by the app on its own. The user can also choose the quality of the video as there are several options provided on the app. Once the video is downloaded, one can share it or forward it as he requires.

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