Flagship Of 2018 the Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung is the market leader and once again takes the status of “master of Android-smartphone» – Samsung Galaxy S8 be convenient to the last generation due to not such a sharp bevel frames and symmetric bending on both sides, the appearance has become more effective, especially contributed to this screen almost the entire front surface. Galaxy S9 will launch next year, 2018, with new features, unique body design, and could become an epic of 2018.

Galaxy S8 has provided the user various technologies-iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, and much more. Technical features of the device, usually at a height of quality display, powerful filling, the most modern radios, a large number of additional features and all of the latest “chips”, whether it’s protection against moisture or iris scanner. Software, too, has developed a device: functions becoming prettier interface from virtually old camera algorithms to squeeze the most, enough to call it a major step forward. There is no doubt, Galaxy S9 will hit the market next year, inspired from S8 and will keep newer technologies with the higher version than S8. Galaxy S9, having an AMOLED screen, UHD camera of primary Dual 16Mp+16MP and 8MP front camera, Flash, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – the correct flagship of 2017: productive, good-looking, with a cool camera and a full “meat” the road. It is unlikely that in the coming months, someone will show more interesting device because it can be assumed that the Galaxy S8 and S8 + will remain the most technologically advanced devices in the market at least until the release of the new Note. In the case of Galaxy S9, true fact that it will charm but S9 also has many competitors like iPhone 8, LG, Sony, which can decrease the demand for S9. But still, S9 can give you so much of entertainment, fun with its smart virtual assistant and glorying camera.

It should be noted that once the company LG has faced the same problem in the G6 and used an aspect ratio of 18: 9, instead of the classic 16: 9 format. In Galaxy S8, Samsung uses aspect ratio 18.5: 9 with a resolution of 2960 × 1440. Compared with conventional telephones with QHD, this makes Galaxy S8 display 400 pixels more. In the case of Galaxy S9, the ratio assigned by Samsung Company to it is unknown presently.

Even minimal S8 of the two devices, S7 and S8, has a display with the edge. When you look at the front of the phone, you almost do not notice the unrestricted curved edges. The curves are very thin, so they do not interfere with viewing angles, as it did with the S7. Although he still has the functionality of the edge, your view is not hidden. Specifications aside, the S8 display seemed really good: sharp and bright at all viewing angles. But still, there are some faults in its design because of its 18.5:9 ratios which will be improved with the release of Galaxy S9. Expectations for Galaxy S9 are very high and people are eagerly waiting for their upcoming epic, Samsung Galaxy S9.

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