How To Find A Quality Structural Steel Supplier


One of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to sourcing steel beams and structural steel in general is the assumption that there’s really no difference from one product or provider to the next. It’s assumed that steel is steel and products for construction are all much of a muchness – hence why it doesn’t matter who you buy them from. Sadly, things aren’t quite as straightforward as this as while the majority of steel beam suppliers on the market are above board, there’s an important difference between above board and first-rate.

And given that it could be a pretty sizeable construction project that’s on the line, it’s really not as if second-rate can be considered acceptable.

Sourcing Online

When it comes to finding the very best RSJ prices and quality in that ideal yet often elusive balance, the first and perhaps the only place to look these days is the web. The reason being that there really isn’t a top-brand RSJ producer in the UK right now that hasn’t expanded to web operations – some have gone one step further and become exclusively web-based. As such, no matter what it is you’re looking for and in what kinds of quantities, it’s a good idea to focus most of your attention on buying online.

Along with the ease that comes with buying online, it’s worth remembering that it’s generally impossible to find better deals on pretty much anything than you’ll find on offer from web retailers. The reason being that it’s so much easier and cheaper to run a web business than it is to operate physical offices and premises – savings that tend to be passed onto the end buyer. Regardless of what it is you need or in what kinds of quantities, chances are the deal you’d get online would be vastly superior to anything you could arrange in person.

Of course, there’s far more to the subject than price alone – this is after all quality and value for money we’re talking about here which goes far beyond low prices alone. So along with products listed for prices that appear to be agreeable, what else should you be looking for in a quality supplier of RSJs and structural steel?

Traits to Watch For

Well, it’s basically a case of making sure they tick a few essential boxes which for the most part can be established simply by looking at their website. Examples include:

  • Time in Business – While it’s not to say that newcomers to the industry are not necessarily able to offer outstanding products and customer support, it’s generally seen as a much safer bet to side with those with at least a few years of experience…ideally a decade or two. The reason being that when it comes to the kind of advice you’ll need and the skills you might be counting on, there are none better than those that come from professionals with long-term industry experience.
  • Client Backing – One of the only ways of finding out how the provider works when it comes to real-life applications and customers is to take note of what customers have had to say about them. Testimonials and reviews will help you paint a picture of how they perform when put to the test, so be sure to check out as many as necessary.
  • Lines of Communication – It’s important to know that when and where you may need to get in touch with the supplier, you’ll be able to do so without any kinds of delays or problems. As such, it’s crucial to look for evidence of at least one direct dial landline telephone number, along with both a physical address and an email address should they be needed. If any contact details are absent, it could prove problematic further down the line.
  • Guarantees – Last but not least, any RSJ and steel supplier on the market today that’s worth dealing with will be more than happy to offer a no-quibble guarantee covering not only the prices paid for the products, but also the quality of the products themselves. If they aren’t willing to back their services and products with guarantees, it’s most likely because they personally don’t have sufficient confidence in them to do so…not a good sign for the buyer.

Remember Who’s Boss

On the whole, the thing to remember is that it’s you who is the boss of the matter and so you have every right to be as selective and demanding as you like. There are so many steel beam manufacturers out there that are gunning for your business, so why settle for one that isn’t well and truly head and shoulders above the rest?

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