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Lido Learning is a Mumbai-based Edtech started by Sahil Sheth that focuses on teaching Maths, Science, English, and coding for children in the K-12 category. An online platform designed for kids to learn using online interactive classes, videos, activities, questions, games, and homework, Lido Learning caters to students from grades five to nine, offering year-long coaching classes in mathematics and science.

Lido’s learning was not just to make classrooms easier, but it was about education for all. The team is now able to deliver quality education to Indian students from major cities to Tier V cities, followed by expansion.

Lido Classes

One of Lido Learning’s most extensive value proposals is that it offers live, personalized care tutorials for each student, with an average teacher-to-student ratio of 1: 6. And counseling. Lido’s small group format ensures that every student has a teacher-coach as part of an immediate sponsorship program.

Parents work and a fun way out

At Lido, they make sure that every student in the class learns at all times. This is done by creating the best classroom content to match your school curriculum and bring it in the most interactive and fun way to the live classroom (think animated videos, games, live questions!). And this is done in the form of a small group of only six students so that students can ask doubts, get support, and build meaningful relationships with their Lido teachers.

Well, this is a fun way out of the cage that parents are in these days at home. With the work pressure, they can smartly make their kids involve in Lido learning to achieve better benefits and make fair use of their spare time.

How are the classes beneficial?

  • Teacher experts guide you.

Lido teachers invest in student growth to ensure they thrive on and off to the classroom. Everything from luxury to home!

  • Live classes, based on conversations.

The modern classroom with a high to teacher ratio of 1: 6 has a whiteboard, live questions with real-time results, and guided practice where students learn from each other through interviews.

  • Separate and engaging content.

No pen, paper, and textbooks! Watch concept videos, test your knowledge of collaborative activities, and play games, all designed by Lido.

  • A customized learning center.

By following each student’s learning path, we can customize practice questions for homework, provide remedial assistance, and challenge students to push their limits.

  • You can Self-study at any time.

All classroom lessons have an accompanying video library, practice, question bank, summary, and anchor charts to download so that students can update at their own pace, at any time.

  • Track your performance in the best way.

Worksheets show students, their strengths and weaknesses in all the different chapters and give them suggestions on what to focus on.


Lido classes are more beneficial and exciting than other classes. They actively participate and provide sufficient information and knowledge to children so that they can take things in the long run despite various formulas, games, questions, and other communication activities.

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