Provide a safe and secure environment to the students


Parent feel relaxed about the security of their child when they leave their child in the school campus. It is the responsibility of the school management to provide a secure and peaceful environment. If you want to keep an eye on all the students and school staff then you can install some video management security systems in your school. There are many agencies like Qognify that provide you with the advanced featured software for capturing the video of the entire place when you are away from the school.

What are the benefits of video management for securing the schools?

Watching student activity – it is the one of the best options to keep an extra eye on the entire campus of the school or college. The school management can watch every corner of the school campus on their computer screen. They can also handle the security of the entire place from the assembled Smartphone when they are away from the school. They can watch the activity of every student in any situation and reduce the chances of occurrence of any bad event.

Monitoring the building – if you want to assess the main entrance and exit of the school building then you can use some advance security surveillance cameras.  You can easily see every person who enters in the school and their activity. If someone tries to cause some harm to the school property or students then the person can be identified and legal actions can be taken against the criminal.

Provide after hours surveillance – it is not enough to monitor the working hours of the school. If you want to maintain the security system of the school management then you can take the help of video management software for round the clock surveillance. It not only helps you in keeping an eye on the working hours of the school but also helps you in monitoring the security during the night. It also works as a forensic tool and protects the school belongings from theft.

Used as a responder in case of emergency – it is also helps in the emergency situations. It can also recognize the handled and assembled device’s IP address for catching the victim if they try to do any harm to the cameras. You can also get notifications on your Smartphone when someone tries to enter in the school building without the permit and you can catch the victim easily.


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