Techniques of Video Animation


The animation trends and techniques arecreated and influencedby cultural change and innovative technology. Whether it is not recommended to jump in all the trends and make a vital practice to follow all the animated designs. The animation industry is the best sources of creative inspiration and it is able to cater to the needs of clients.

There are the following techniques of video animation, which are adopted by the animation studio in Dubai and they are given below:

  1. Morphing

The morphing shape layers trends are generally called transforming between objects, icons, and objects. It has been using for a few years but there are lots of morphing trends in contemporary animation will be used in the future. The morphing trends are specifically prevalent in logo animations and make a continuous gain in momentum and popularity.

  1. Mixing 2D and 3D Animation

The expertise of 3D animation provide creative opportunities, it is highly safe, and everyone will continue to see more 3D animation throughout 2019. It is not only based on motion and animation design sector, but it covers all industries from big-budget commercials and productions, game design, product shots, and marketing campaigns. This leads towards a great range of advanced and interesting experiences to offer the clients. Many experts predict that mixing trend of 3D and 2D animation will steadily continue to gain more popularity.

  1. Liquid Motion

Liquid motion is that type of animation that transforms an organic shape into liquid. It is similar to the morphing trend, and has stuck around a while but continue to enjoy with popularity. Liquid motion has also after-effects trends that allow a smooth fluid transition between images or scenes. The trend of liquid motion projects with an entirely new level and it is secured in the advertising world.

  1. Dynamic Typography

The technical name of kinetic typography is “moving texts” which is used in mixing text and motion. Text moves across the screen such as it isrevealedor typein real-time, which creates a visual effect with the immediate influence to write word to word. Kinetic typography is important motion typography, which is a big trend, and it is overtaking text and video today.

  1. Macro Typography

In order to use extra-large font sizes then bold and huge text graphics in diverse font styles are most important in the web design animation. It is the astonishing sequence to titles in films, which is used successfully to establish the menacing and unsettling vibes in films such as Split and Mindhunter.

  1. Animated Tiles and Fonts

By using animated tiles and fonts is thetrendiest way to gain attention and keeping the target audience invested. The range of design is based on simple characters and all the way to paying social heroes and homage.

  1. Animated GIF Logos

Animated GIF logos are a very popular trend in its own way. The animated logos are unique and distinctive, they draw and captivate the user attention and they are popping up in a most creative and interesting way.

  1. Virtual Reality

The trend of virtual reality has evolved into a new stage with great potential as lots of industries and sectors from all across the world that will inevitably use for several purposes. Virtual reality provides itself a complex surreal scene. By utilizing virtual reality to build fantastic effects in an appealing way. Expert predicts that virtual reality will emerge hot trend in animation design.

  1. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphy is the most emerging trend in 2019 and it has animated images, which are essentially based on photos with repeating and minor movement of videos on the selection of images. Just think about a portrait photo of a woman with curly hair blowing in the wind. The association and contrast of the movement on extreme stillness are eerie, hypnotically striking and fantastic.

  1. Micro-Interactions

The concept of micro-interactions is very delicate animation, which improves the user experience and allows the user to connect with single moment interface. The trend of micro-interactions are the most important UX trend everywhere and it will only grow in popularity.

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