What to look while choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting


All hosting service provider are not similar, as each offers different services, and it’s quite difficult choosing a right hosting option for your business if you haven’t used dedicated hosting earlier. Keeping in mind, here I have come up with few factors that can be considered while choosing a dedicated hosting service.


This is not for a moment you can fully define by just looking at the website, in this situation you’ll need more research. It’s always an appropriate idea to end a search on a host to find any reviews from current or past customers.You can do that by searching for the keyword phrases by using a company name. There are several best review sites you can explore, for example, Hostsearch review or Hostadvice review, or even you can take a step forward by reviewing support forums of that hosting service if they have it. You’ll easily find sufficient information over there.

You might be thinking that how will this help in regards to reliability? Simply it will reveal that how instantly they have responded to the issues and complaints by reviewing what current or past customers have said, and by posting on the forums shows how they have handled the customer feedback.


Choosing a $29/month server may not be the best option if lined by poor support and perhaps your server is built with a recycled hardware. Take a mark, it doesn’t mean that a cheap dedicated server hosting provides a low-quality service, but it means that 80 percent out of 100 you get what you have paid for.Do a value shopping and take a note of each hosting cost with their server bandwidth, space, network, and support assurance.By reviewing each you’ll be able to figure out which is the most cost-effective service. Is it worth having a $29 per month server with just 256 MB RAM which can be unresponsive and slow if hit with high traffic? It will be up to you to consider those options.


This is tough for the issues in relative to the downtime, problems dealing with the server, and DDoS attacks. It’s your first job to communicate with the support team before buying any server. And if you are not given the best support, it can create problems as you grow.

Testing with the support, if you prefer not to send an email or not to call before making purchase, and thinking that the website has a support forum, then you can sign up and post any technical questions there or you can find questions that are asked earlier, so that you’ll get a better idea on how good their technical support team are in terms of answering questions. The most reliable Dedicated Server Hosting In India companies such as MilesWeb provides a high-grade technical support team with 24/7 availability.


You can find out in Whois the domain name of the host to see how long that host is been in business. It will be a good sign that if they are in for the longer period.However, not to discredit this while selecting a new company, as many good servers hosting starts routinely who go on to be at big successes.Just use your best decision while reviewing and think whether to go with the hosting company that’s been for years or the one that is getting started now.

But I must also point out that in some cases the very new hosting services will also fight hard for your business growth and will provide you the best possible support in the start. It’s really the toss-up here, where your instincts work on making decision and will act to be your deciding factor.

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