Whois Database Historical Information Accessible Via Download


What Is Whois Database?

When one creates a new website, it needs to have a domain name created for identification and access by requested users. An accredited domain name server also called a DNS, must keep extensive records for domain names and related registration information. The Whois Database is the massive record-keeping database for all domain names on the internet by registrars. These registrars are accredited by ICANN which regulates these companies to ensure accurate up to date data.

What Kind of Information Exists in the Whois Database?

Besides the domain name itself, there is the associated email address, name, physical address, phone and other contact information of the registrant. Sometimes the registrant subscribes to a “privacy” attribute which hides the personal id of the registrant. However, the email address and other information such as the registrar and web hosting used are still available. The creation date of the website, expiration of the registered domain name and when it was last updated are still available.

What Are the Common Uses of Historical Database?

The concept of the historical database is that it reveals domain name registrant information not just at the time you do the Whois search, but the database reveals history for domain searches. There are many uses a Whois search can accommodate. The availability of a domain name is one use.

  • How long has the website been in existence
  • What contact information is available
  • Does the domain link to more than one email address
  • Are there any phone numbers listed
  • Is the site actively updating content
  • Look into possible purchase of domain name
  • Spam law enforcement investigations
  • Contact network administrator for technical difficulties

Who Uses This Information?

Marketers who are looking to build a massive list for lead generation may be one typical user of such a database. Marketers may want to know what competition is doing on their website. The internet is loaded with scams, viruses, and hoaxes. Law enforcement regularly utilizes this information to detect criminal activity on the internet. Malicious downloads, copyright infringement, and illegal sales are just some of the interests of law enforcement may be looking into with such information. Cybersecurity staff must be monitoring websites for malicious domain names that indicate threatening behavior which can lead to downing websites or causing privacy issues.

So How Does One Find Out Where to Download This Historical Data?

There are many companies on the internet that supply such information in database formats. One can easily do a “google search” including the keyword “Whois” for relevant results. The amount of data records on the internet is truly massive in regards to domain names and IP addresses. One can access roughly 5 billion of such records. What started as .com has grown to .net, .org, gov, .us, .uk and many more gTLD’S as they are called.

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