Why You Need To Optimize Your Website Right Now


Dubai has recently gained traction in the media, especially on the internet. It’s one of the top destinations for today’s jetsetters, the most expensive city in the Middle East with the second most expensive hotel rooms in the world, after Geneva. Known as the city of gold, photos fill feeds featuring the unique Palm Jumeirah, a series of islands that look like a tree from the sky, and the World Islands, designed in the shape of the world map. Both are filled with lush, beautiful hotels and clubs.

However, Dubai’s lucrative, rapidly growing tourism industry isn’t the only thing Dubai is gaining a reputation for. With its new economic growth and extensive population, Dubai is quickly filling with leading experts in new, up and coming industries. One of these is the Internet, specifically search engine optimization. Taking advantage of this city’s growth and expertise could mean the difference between your business’ success and failure, as competition between companies is growing with changes to Google’s search algorithms.

An Expert Science

Search engine optimization is the subtle manipulation of various aspects of your website and other off-site marketing campaigns to place your business on the top page of Google when your consumers search various topics. This is done with a close attention to a wide variety of factors, including webpage analytics, Google search algorithms, and even what kinds of devices consumers are using – and whether or not your website is compatible.This is crucial for your business’ success because billions of searches are made around the world each day, and it’s one of the top ways that consumers will come to learn about your business and consider it. After all, over 80% of online business inquiries start with a search, and they send over 300% more traffic to company websites than social media platforms.

More Results, More Business

However, with recent changes to Google, hiring an expert company, such as the marketing agency Flare in Dubai, is more crucial for your business now than ever. Search results are becoming more individualized and location-based because far more people are using mobile devices to do these searches as a result. Not hiring top SEO specialists to tweak your company’s website to reflect and manipulate these changes will leave your company in the dust. For example, this April 2015 non-mobile friendly websites suffered a 46.6% loss in traffic. Those that didn’t properly analyse and manipulate local consumer data are losing traction, too.

While you may worry about the cost to optimize your website’s traffic, the fact of the matter is that the investment you make in your company will pay for itself in the business you will receive. If you don’t harness your business’ potential now, you will lose far more money in the long run as a result. There’s a reason the saying “you have to spend money to make money” exists! At the end of the year, your wallet and your website traffic will benefit.

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