The advantages of playing online social games


Your child spends some time playing online games on his computer and you do not really like it … especially since most of the online games that interest him are social games (or social games), that is, games that are played by several people. And for once, social games, you deeply dislike! And yet, these social games have many advantages for the player! If so, psychologists have even done serious studies on the subject!  Admit, if the social games have a negative image in your eyes, it’s because you fear that your little player on the screen becomes a horrible geek associable who stays hours in his room in pajamas in front of his screen instead of discovering the real life with real friends! Click here for landwirtschafts simulator 19 download.

The benefits of online social games

There are some amazing benefits of playing online social games and y8 slope games. And in this article, we are going to discuss those points. So, let us start our discussion.

Socialize during interactions with other players

A social game is designed to be played together and has no interest alone.

Just like in real life, your child will make acquaintances, make friends! Admittedly, this will happen by screen interposed but your child, through his game character will have to implement social codes that will define it to other players in the community! Visit this site for landwirtschafts simulator 19 download.

Analyze, study the other to understand the opponent

In many social games, players compete to win territories or other.

So, your child will have to play according to others and learn to be a strategist and listening to others to guess how they will act and therefore how to counter to win!

The player will have to be interested in the other!

Learn to work in a team

Knowing how to work in a group is an essential concept in professional life.

And it is clear that teamwork is not sufficiently emphasized throughout the schooling of our children, and this, at least until the end.

Network games require alliances to develop their territory, for example, and team spirit is very important.

In addition, the network games are all community and seek to involve the knowledge of the player who is there to play but also to share!

To express oneself, to assert oneself

A badly-fitting teenager can flourish through a game character that corresponds to the vision he has of himself, rid of the complexes related to adolescence! A character who wins, who meets success, or an avatar he has created and who dares to express what he really is!

It will exchange much more willingly, will be more comfortable with players, whether male or female!

Learn to value yourself       

Online social games can boost self-esteem … Pass levels, find that you’re better than your boyfriend … All these elements that will boost the esteem of a teenager evil in his sneakers and who need to be pumped up!

So, under the circumstances, we believe that playing online social game is really beneficial.

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